Designs, tests and edits various PCB links
Proteus v8.6.23165
28 Dec 2016
Proteus v8.6b
8.6 β
31 Jan 2017
Proteus v8.0
20 Feb 2013
Proteus v7.08.200
5 Mar 2008
Editorial review

What's new

v8.6 [31 Jan 2017]
Layer Stackup & Smart Vias
The layer stackup of a PCB is basically the number of cores in the board and the
order in which they are assembled to make the final PCB. For multi-layer boards the
information provided in the stackup helps the software make intelligent decisions during
board layout.
Assembly Variants
Assembly Variants provide a simple method of managing multiple product
configurations in a single schematic/pcb project.
Serpentine Routing / Length Matching
Length matching of tracks is an essential step in ensuring correct
timing at the signal receiver for high speed transmissions. Proteus
includes support for automatic length matching of tracks via a
simple select and match user interface. Lengths are matched
within a specified tolerance and, if vias are used, the lengths of
the vias are taken from the layer stackup information discussed

v8.0 [20 Feb 2013]
The application framework lets you view modules of Proteus as tabs in a single window or, via drag and drop, as separate windows for a side-by-side view
The common parts database enables sharing of information between schematic and PCB so that changes to data are instantly reflected across the software.
The live netlist means changes to connectivity in the schematic can be instantly reflected in the PCB, the Bill of Materials and the Design Explorer.
The integrated VSMStudio IDE binds your firmware project to your schematic design and Active Popups bring the schematic into your VSMStudio debug session.

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